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“BabyView” is a private ultrasound practice for 2D-3D/4D ultrasound imaging in obstetrics. The practice is being run, since 2005, by Ingrid Abendanon-Mac-Donald, a qualified and very experienced Sonographer.

“BabyView” specifically performs ultrasound for pregnancy. During an ultrasound session, images of the unborn child are displayed on a monitor. The images can be printed and can also be recorded on a CD. In addition, the entire ultrasound session, thus also movements of the baby, can be recorded on a DVD.

“BabyView” believes that ultrasound enhances the parental bonding elements of the pregnancy. Also the additional information provided by Ingrid about the development aspects of the baby during pregnancy adds again extra value to the ultrasound session. “BabyView” has no medical objectives, but precisely because of the expertise of Ingrid, she will, as a matter of course, see if everything is OK. May she suspect a problem relating to the pregnancy, she will, in consultation with the parents, contact their health professional so further tests can be carried out if necessary.

Developments in the field of ultrasound go very quickly and achieve amazing levels. This requires constant dedication and study of the Sonographer. The effectiveness of the ultrasound session is not only dependent on the quality of the equipment, but most of all of the expertise of the Sonographer. In addition to professional competence, professional ethics is also required.

“Baby View” is enjoying a high degree of recognition, both by medical specialists and by its target group.

At “BabyView” we work with the best quality 3-D equipment. With us you will feel completely at ease and you can be assured of a professional treatment and your privacy.


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Ingrid Abendanon-Mac-Donald.

Ingrid is a professional X-ray Technician and Sonographer. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Basic Medical Science. Ingrid is working for more than 30 years as X-ray technician and for more than 15 years as Sonographer at different medical institutions. From 2005 she also runs her own 2D-3D/4D ultrasound practice “BabyView”. Ingrid is very knowledgeable and skilled in 2D-3D/4D ultrasound technology. As a member of the Dutch Association for Sonographers, she continuously keeps up to date with the developments in her field of work.  Quality and client satisfaction are highly valued by Ingrid.