Frequently asked questions and their answers.


1. What will the ultrasound session be like?

The session will last 30 to 45 minutes and takes place in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. You will be able to see the images of your baby on screen, whilst the ultrasound professional moves the transducer back and forth over the abdomen. The ultrasound professional will explain clearly all that you see on screen. On request of the parents she will determine the gender and/or measure the length of the baby.

The purpose of the ultrasound session is to obtain a clear view of the baby in order to get realistic prints for the parents. We also think that the ultrasound session enhances the parental bonding of the pregnancy.

During the ultrasound session a number of (color) prints will be made of the best images. These pictures are for you to take along. We can also record the pictures on CD, and the entire session on DVD for you. During the session the ultrasound professional is open for any question you might have regarding the ultrasound and she will be most happy to provide you with as much information as possible.

2. Is ultrasound save?

Numerous studies over many years have shown that ultrasound causes no harm and there is no cumulative effect from receiving multiple scans.

3. When is the best time for an ultrasound?

“BabyView” performs 2-D ultrasound already from the 12th week of pregnancy. However most of the 2-D ultrasound is done between 16 and 24 weeks.

4. When is the best time for a 3-D ultrasound?

The best time for a 3-D ultrasound would be from 26 to 32 weeks of pregnancy. By then enough tissue has been formed to have more expression of the baby’s face. Depending on the position of the placenta and the amount of amniotic fluid, nice 3-D pictures can be recorded up to 33 weeks of pregnancy.

5. Will the 3-D always be successful?

A 3-D scan is not always successful. Although we have the best equipment in this field, the success of the ultrasound depends on the position of the baby and the amount of amniotic fluid at that time. Also the skin thickness and underlying fat tissue determine the success of a 3-D scan. For corpulent ladies the results might be less satisfactory.

Technically it is always possible to do a 3-D scan, but we want specifically to record a good picture of the face and a nice position of the baby. Our sophisticated equipment enables us to easily and quickly create new images, so there is a great chance to capture a good view.

6. Will there also be looked at medical aspects?

We have to emphasize that “BabyView” does not perform medical diagnostic examination, and that the ultrasound is intended to enhance the parental bonding elements of your pregnancy.

However, precisely because of the expertise of our ultrasound professional, she will as a matter of course look if everything is O.K.. If the ultrasound professional suspects there may be a problem relating to your pregnancy, she will, in consultation with you, contact your health professional, so further tests can be carried out if necessary.

7. When can you determine the gender?

“BabyView” determines gender not earlier than the 17th week. Earlier images sometimes will not be so clear for this purpose. Gender determination is done only on request of the parents.

8. May I invite family or friends to my appointment?

You are free to decide who accompanies you to your appointment. An ultrasound session is a personal matter, and we encourage you to bring along your partner or other family members. For a smooth and entertaining session we advise to limit the amount to four additional persons. If you bring along little children we recommend you to explain to them in advance what the ultrasound session is all about and what they can expect to see.

9. When and how do I have to pay?

Your payment is expected at the end of the ultrasound session. We accept only payment in cash.