General Terms

1. The ultrasound session is not for medical diagnostic purposes. The ultrasound gives the parents an opportunity to peek a view at their baby during pregnancy. The ultrasound appointment is a free choice of the individual client.  Since there is no pathology involved, “BabyView” can never be claimed for any abnormality of the baby. If during an ultrasound session “BabyView” suspected there may be a problem relating to the pregnancy, it reserves the right to contact and inform the health professional of the parents so further tests can be carried out. At gender determination “BabyView” will do its utmost to determine the correct gender. “BabyView” can never be held liable for wrongly determined gender.

2. Scientific research has shown that ultrasound causes no harm. “BabyView” does not take responsibility for effects on longer term.

3. “BabyView” commits itself to secrecy of all confidential information received during the ultrasound appointment.